About us – Chutnefy | The 5-Second Chutney!
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Where it all began

We were just two dads, standing in front of our wives as they faced the stress of getting breakfast on the table and the kids ready for school, wondering what we could do to help. That’s when we hit upon the idea of coming up with our own version of easy-to-prepare chutneys to help with the morning rush. Being avid fans of homemade chutney all our lives, this seemed like a natural fit. The only catch? The Five Second Rule.

We decided our chutneys shouldn’t take more than five seconds to make. Why, you may ask? Well because we wanted to cater not just to the busy mom but also to the bachelor who’s come home after a long day at work and wants to eat something yummy that doesn’t include take out. Or the young couple who don’t really want to spend time cooking but still want something that’s fresh and healthy. Or the dads who really, really want to help out in the kitchen but have zero cooking skills.

So we experimented in the kitchen - referring to our mom’s recipes and our own notes, to create the perfect combination of elements that could be transformed into chutneys as delicious as anything our wives or mothers would serve, but made in a matter of seconds, not hours. Some tasty experiments and some doomed disasters later, Chutnefy was born. Born out of a love for experimentation in the kitchen, a desire to make life easier but most of all, to recreate that familiar taste of home without anything artificial added in. All our chutneys taste fresh, authentic and delicious - as good as homemade, but made in less time than it took you to read this paragraph.