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Presenting a show about the King of all condiments! Savoured across the globe in various forms and flavours, the world of chutneys is bigger than one could ever imagine. ..... And we, Chutnefy - The 5 Second Chutney company, set out to explore the hidden and lost chutneys from across India and bring it out to the world to savour.

In association with Rakesh Raghunathan, MasterChef India fame Chef & Food Historian who travelled to the 4 states across South India, we've jointly curated 4 unique chutneys by studying the recipes with the original creators, recreating it, and now releasing it for you to enjoy, without any preservatives, additives or anything else - what you’ll taste is exactly the way it has been made for generations!

About Rakesh Raghunathan

Rakesh Raghunathan, a food raconteur, is a South Indian culinary ambassador, whose vision is to showcase the rich heritage of the region to audiences across the world through Discovery & Curation of incredible recipes and food stories.

He is credited with hosting award winning shows on national television channels and OTT platforms, including being featured in the eminent panel of judges in the MasterChef India (Tamil).

Let the hunt begin!

Episode 4: Malabari Coconut & Chilli Chutney from Kozhikode, Kerala

Embark on a flavour odyssey with Malabari Coconut & Chilli Chutney, the captivating Chutney from Kerala that's sure to leave you craving more. This chutney is a true flavour sensation, with the bold, fiery heat of Kanthari chillies perfectly complemented by the earthy, peppery notes of black pepper.

Episode 3: Roasted Sesame Chutney from Coorg, Karnataka

Delve into the intricate process of making authentic Roasted Sesame Chutney (Ellu Pajji), from the careful selection and roasting of sesame seeds to the perfect blend of spices and aromatics. This lost Kodava specialty has been recreated for the Chutnefy audience by the champion of the Kodava food and heritage, Kaveri Ponnapa.

Episode 2: Green Chilli Chutney from Madurai, Tamil nadu

Indulge in the authentic taste of Tamil Nadu and treat your senses to the complex, mouthwatering flavors of the Green Chilli Chutney. This preservative-free condiment is perfect for the adventurous foodie who appreciates the rich culinary traditions of South India. Elevate your home-cooked favorites or impress your guests with this versatile, spicy, all-natural addition to your kitchen.

Episode 1: Dosakaya Pachadi from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Dosakaya Pachadi is a traditional Andhra style Chutney made with Yellow Cucumber, Peanuts, Spices, and herbs. Also known as Dosakaya Chutney or Roti Pachadi, this immensely popular everyday dish is served as a side on almost every Banana Leaf meal in the region.

This pachadi is enjoyed best by mixing it with Steamed Rice and Ghee, but goes great with Rotis, Dosas, Idlies and more!

Watch the video to know more about this amazingly delicious chutney!

From Chutnefy, with love!

From the time we launched in December 2022, the Chutnefy team has been on an endless pursuit towards curating, creating, developing and releasing truly stunning chutneys in a form that's truly irreplicable. 

This association with Rakesh, and being able to launch the delicious new range of limited edition chutneys he has curated is like a culmination of our efforts so far - a reward for all the time spent in perfecting our methods to bring chutneys with generational legacies for the world to savour and enjoy. 

With thanks from each and every one of us in the team, we look forward to your support and love for this range of amazing chutneys!

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