FAQs – Chutnefy | The 5-Second Chutney!
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What are the different flavours of Chutnefy?


We have 12+ Varieties of Chutneys as of now in various pack sizes (Trial, Value, Bulk). Peanut Chutney, Tomato Chutney, Spicy Onion Chutney, Coconut Chutney are the bestsellers while Bell Pepper Chutney, Mushroom & Black Garlic Chutney, and Allam Chutney have conquered the hearts of a certain niche!


We have 4 Sidekicks in our portfolio too! Tiffin Sambar, Hotel Sambar, Vada Curry, and Chettinad Kurma.


Our chef is super busy with about 200+ recipes to experiment with! 



 What ingredients are used in Chutnefy?


Our Chutneys use 100% real. We use only natural, clean and wholesome ingredients so that you can taste the freshness in every chutney. No shortcuts, no compromises - only the best for every single one in the family.



Does Chutnefy contain any additives and preservatives?


None at all! We use only locally sourced ingredients with zero additives or preservatives, and zero compromise on freshness, health and taste. We confidently and proudly feed it to our kids, so we make sure that it’s as clean as it can get!


How spicy are the Chutnefy Chutneys?


Each chutney is made as authentic as intended, so their spice levels vary across flavours with the intent to give you the best sensory experience as possible. We’ve got a Spice Meter on each pack to give you an indication if it’s Mild, Medium or Spicy. 


Should I add anything additional to the chutneys?


If you'd like, you can add a dollop of sesame oil to make the chutney more luscious. 


How should I store Chutnefy?


Keep them stocked ideally in a cool, dry pantry shelf for as long as you need - Our shelf life is 12 months when in its unopened state. Once you’ve opened it and added water, store it in a closed container in the refrigerator and it should last you for 5-7 days. 


Where are the Chutnefy ingredients sourced from?


All our produce is fresh and locally sourced from farms and vendor partners from across the state


Can I use the Chutnefy powder as a podi/what else can I use it as?


While the primary use is as a chutney, we urge our users to get creative! It can be used as a sprinkle/podi, mixed with curd to make a raita, added to dough to make some fancy parathas, maybe a marinade?


How does Chutnefy stay fresh for so long?


This is our USP! We use a combination of food storage technologies (similar technologies are used to create space foods, no joke!) to bring it down to our easy to use granular format. Note that our chutneys are fully prepared and edible before they go through the process.


Where can I buy?


We are currently selling on our website (chutnefy.com) and in select stores in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ooty, and a few more cities. We're available on Amazon, and Swiggy Instamart (select cities) too. 


Do I need hot or regular water to Chutnefy?


It’s all fuss-free. All you need is 5 seconds and regular water at room temperature. Our Sidekicks will need hot water.


Do I need to cook the Chutnefy powder?


Not at all, your chutney is already prepared and ready to eat. Simply peel, pour, mix and enjoy!


How many people does one pack serve?


Each trial pack makes approximately 100ml-120ml of chutney once you’ve mixed water. Usually, it can comfortably serve 2, but we won’t judge if you devour it all by yourself.

Value Packs serve about 4 to 6 people depending on the Chutney chosen. 

Bulk Packs serve about 15 to 20 people, again depending on the Chutney chosen.


Why is it approximate? 


We have a recommended water level, but this is truly subjective and if you like it runny, or slightly thick, it’s up to you. That’s the cool thing about Chutnefy - it gives you complete control to enjoy it the way YOU like to!


How long does Chutnefy stay fresh?


Just as long as home-made chutney does. But we’re pretty sure you’ll finish it all in one sitting. 


Can I store leftover Chutney in the fridge?


Like all chutneys, they’re best enjoyed fresh, but you can store the leftovers in the fridge in a closed container for 5-7 days.  


Should I temper after Chutnefying?


Nope. Chutnefy chutneys come with everything you need (minus the preservatives, of course!) including the tempering/tadka. When we say it’s a 5 second chutney, it truly is that.


For how long can I store a pack?


In its dry form, you can keep our packs in a cool




When will I receive my order?


We know you’re excited, so we’ll do our best to get you your order as soon as possible. We rely on external delivery partners and are working closely with them to expedite your delivery. For more info, please refer to our shipping policy.


Does Chutnefy ship across India?


Of course! We ship all across India from our website.


The product I received is damaged / not what I ordered.


We’re sorry and we’ll make it up to you with an immediate replacement. We like to keep things fuss-free, but sometimes things go wrong. Call +91 8925809881 or email feedback@chutnefy.com with details of your order and we’ll sort it out right away.


I changed my mind, can I return my order?


Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns unless the product is damaged in transit. Chutnefy has a long shelf life, so we’re sure it’ll come in handy soon enough.