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7 Days, 7 Chutneys!

7 Days, 7 Chutneys!

Make Breakfast Exciting Again: 7 Chutneys for 7 Days

For most of us, breakfast is just another chore in a frenzied morning. It's no longer a sit-down meal when the family comes together before the start of the day. Now, it's just a matter of scarfing down whatever is quickest to make or grabbing a breakfast bar and dashing out the door. Leisurely breakfasts are usually deferred to weekends or the complimentary breakfast buffet on vacations.

How did we get here? It's usually because many of us don't have the bandwidth to think about what to make every day, let alone prepare and eat it. That leaves us with quick, processed breakfast foods that usually leave us wanting more. However, we've discovered that with a little bit of planning, we could actually enjoy a hearty and warm meal that won't take too long.

So we've made a list of 7 chutneys for 7 days of the week to give you ideas for quick and easy breakfasts that you can enjoy all week without breaking a sweat. Let's dig in.


What day is it? Chutney Day!

Day 1: Coconut Chutney

The classic Madras coconut chutney, as most people know it, always tops our list. It uses the simplest ingredients that you'll always find in the kitchen. The perfect, fuss-free dish to begin the week with.

Best accompanied with: Crisp dosas and steaming idlies

May your chutney be easy and Mondays be breezy.

Day 2: Tomato Chutney

Tangy, with a delicious hint of spice, this chutney hits the spot every single time. Some prefer the onion tomato chutney, but you can play around with the proportions to suit your level of tanginess.

Best accompanied with: Fresh, melt-in-mouth pongal with a generous dollop of ghee for good measure.

Tasty Tuesdays!

Day 3: Peanut Chutney

The Andhra peanut chutney is creamy, spicy, and always leaves you wanting more. With its sweet, nutty flavour balanced by the heat of green chillies and the umami of chana dal, groundnut chutney is great for a mid-week pick-me-up.

Best accompanied with: Crispy vadas fresh off the stove, or stick to the local favourite and try it with deep-fried punugulu.

 Wednesdays we go wow!

Day 4: Coriander Chutney

On Thursdays, let's go green with coriander chutney or coriander mint chutney. It adds freshness and a kick of spice to the day, picking you up after the hump day slump. The best part is that you only need 3 ingredients!

Best accompanied with: Freshly steamed dhoklas for a light and flavoursome meal.


Terrific Thursdays!

Day 5: Mint Chutney

Here's something a little more fun to end the week with. Mint chutney is a classic snack and street food accompaniment that you can quickly whip up for a more interesting meal.

Best accompanied with: Bread. Use the week's leftovers to make a sandwich or roll it all up in a wrap.


Fresh on Friday!

Day 6: Beetroot Chutney

Traditional beetroot chutney, also known as Andhra style beetroot pachadi, is both tasty and nutritious. It takes just 3 ingredients to make this rich, indulgent chutney, setting the right note for a great weekend.

Best accompanied with: Adai or rotis for a wholesome breakfast, and if there are any leftovers, pair them with steamed rice for lunch. It's that good!


Smashing Saturday!

Day 7: Garlic Chutney

There are many variations to this classic garlic recipe. You can make dry garlic chutney to sprinkle on your dosas or make it like a gravy that goes well with almost everything. Whether you prefer plain garlic chutney or tomato garlic chutney depends on your need for a tangy start to the morning.

Best accompanied with: Crispy onion rava dosa always seems like the perfect weekend breakfast. Here's a meal that you can leisurely dig into with some filter coffee and a good conversation on the side.

And there we have it! A week has gone by, and you can now keep track of it by the breakfasts you've enjoyed. Chutneys are the most underrated dish, and they don't get enough credit for adding so much variety to our lives. All you need to do is pick the right chutney and breakfasts will never be a chore again.


Sunday Fun Day!



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